We’re excited to announce Baidam Solutions Pty Ltd have committed to making their travel program 100% carbon neutral.

Baidam Solutions is an amazingly purpose driven business and we couldn’t be prouder to be working alongside them and looking after their travel program.

They now have a personalised plan in place to travel responsibly through reducing travel emissions where possible and then offsetting through projects of their choice.

Great work from Phillip JenkinsonJack Reis and the Baidam Solutions Pty Ltd team.

Read more about the great work they carry out below or jump on their website for more detailed information.

Baidam Solutions commitment to giving back to the local economy will help us all “Bridge the Gap” of indigenous representation in the IT Security sector and Baidam has included in its corporate charter, a structured and measurable plan called the Baidam Initiative to provide both specialist IT security training courses and meaningful employment opportunities for regional and remote communities.

Website – https://baidam.com.au/

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