Building a business around our customer experience

All traditional travel management providers can generically fill the role of managing travel programs and booking travel via people and/or technology. They are not generally progressive when it comes to the new age of business travel with truly proactive corporate social responsibility and looking after their people. At EnPerSo we call this The New Generation of Business Travel.

EnPerSo customers already have social responsibility at the forefront of their business but want help to integrate having a positive social impact into their corporate travel program. The EnPerSo customer wants to be able to make smart environmental, social and personal wellness choices when it comes to their business travel. They are currently unable to do this via any traditional TMCs or online travel providers. They want to easily be able to go to one place where they can select how they travel and where they stay, knowing that the choices they are given all align to their sustainability values and are having a positive impact to the environment. We live in a world now where companies want to be progressive, to have a positive long-term impact on the environment and to look after their people. The reality is that despite these great intentions, most companies do not know how to when it comes to business travel programs and policies On the whole other ravel management companies (TMCs) see CSR as an afterthought or a box to tick. They will offer insurance, track travellers on trip and if asked can offset their travel. These are seen as additional services… EnPerSo customers want more.

EnPerSo consultants work with customers to seamlessly engrain the EnPerSo Way in everything they do in order to create and measure ongoing incremental change. This includes building a CSR policy around who customers partner with, how they choose to travel, where they stay, how to measure and reduce their footprint and how they align their contributions in giving back with their values and areas to which they travel. EnPerSo manage this partnership through ongoing expert consultancy at both company and traveller level, through personalised preferencing in our travel technology and measured via live reporting. EnPerSo customers understand that you do business more effectively if your travellers are physically and mentally healthy. They care about employee’s wellness on trip, in the office and at home. They want the tools to make this easy and access to partners who can integrate to make this happen seamlessly.

EnPerSo customers know that focusing on traveller wellness will also help them attract and retain staff, boost overall productivity and ultimately increase their profits. In addition to EnPerSo’s travel, eco and wellness credentials, EnPerSo works with customers to introduce them to other likeminded organisations, empowering them to share their progress, network and learn from other companies who have made successful change.


By Jess Richards – Co Founder & Managing Director: EnPerSo Business Travel