Travel Management Power, Visibility & Control

Take control of your travel

Let’s face it, anyone can make an online travel booking these days. The value EnPerSo delivers is not as a booking processor, it’s to be your trusted consultant, providing advice and helping you to design, build and implement best-in-class policies and programs. Save time, hassle and rigmarole of the “old school” travel booking and use our cutting-edge technology to make your bookings within minutes, with everything you could need at your fingertips.

Built by business travellers, for business travellers

Created by a team of the travel industry’s most experienced and respected professionals, EnPerSo embraces everything you need in a business travel partner, and ditches everything you don’t. We’ve built our systems to be the fastest and easiest to use and put the power of booking travel in your hands. We help you to take your business to the next level by looking after you and your travellers in a completely different way, with wellbeing at the heart – whether it’s basic healthy travel tips to mental health, or even a more purpose driven workplace. Our expert personal touch means giving the right advice, and staying connected at every stage of a journey.

The Power of Travel Management Tech in your hands

Our complete suite of booking and travel management technology that we have exclusively integrated makes business travel simple, safe, quick and intuitive for all companies and travellers. Designed so you can do it yourself, from bookings and personalised profiles to policy and approval processes. It’s all easy. 

Premium Expert Guidance and Support

With our systems making it so easy and intuitive to DIY Business Travel… we spend all our time proactively helping our travellers; with a priority on safety and well-being. It goes without saying that our expert support is elevated to the next level when it’s really needed. Always saving you time and money.

Community Connection & Networking

Adding real value to your company or role through strategically connecting you within our like-minded business travel community: learn, share & network. We match up companies and travellers to consistently open up opportunities. We facilitate our own networking events for our community members.

100% transparent subscription model

Say Goodbye to Booking and Change Fees

Our subscription model puts affordability at the heart, which means you only pay a simple monthly subscription regardless of how many bookings, changes or cancellations you make, because we know that budgets are tight, and flexibility is more important than ever. So book and change away!

Reduce booking costs and grow your business

Live Travel, Environmental and Wellness Reporting

You receive live reporting on all your travel bookings, environmental impact and personal wellness metrics through our exclusive EnPerSo Way reporting technology. In the new world we live in it’s critical for rolling up into monthly impact reports and adherence to CSR policies. We make it seamless and you won’t find this reporting suite anywhere else.

Get Flexible


We are living in a time of uncertainty, and you need the reassurance to know that you have flexibility when you need it. You can book with EnPerSo, knowing that you have the flexibility to make unlimited changes or cancellations without incurring agency fees, because you shouldn’t be penalised by us when plans or circumstances change.