WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisations, with over five million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature by:

• Conserving the world’s plants and animals
• Ensuring that the use of natural resources is sustainable
• Promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

With 2020 bringing changes and new challenges to our working environment at WWF, it was essential to keep the fundraising team engaged and inspired whilst working from home. We made the decision to find an external facilitator to partner with us to help create a clear plan for future success, focusing on both the personal and professional development of the individual giving acquisition team.

The individuals who form the WWF donor acquisition and fundraising team have strong values: they want to make an impact in their own lives as well as through the work they do. Therefore, it made sense to partner with a company whose values and actions aligned with ours at WWF, and I was very pleased to work with EnPerSo because of this.

Not only have EnPerSo demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, personal wellness and social responsibility, from a consultancy perspective, their team are proven successful senior leaders in the business community. It was clear that sharing this expertise with our team would be invaluable.

Sally King, EnPerSo’s Director of Consultancy, worked closely with me to clearly understand our requirements. She then developed and facilitated an outcome focused workshop to challenge, educate and inspire the team that met our objectives.

Originally planned as a half day interactive face to face session, something we wanted to preserve if we could, Covid-19 disruption meant an inevitable switch to instead an online zoom video conference. The agility of EnPerSo to redesign the workshop into two interactive video sessions without losing the intimacy and flow while still delivering the same results was very impressive.

It was incredibly valuable to have EnPerSo help us adapt to the new world of working and leave the fundraising team with a structured set of goals which we can continue to build on in the coming months, and into the future.

EnPerSo have proven to be a pleasure to do business with and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to others. I warmly thank EnPerSo Business Travel for being part of WWF-Australia’s vision of the future.

Kind Regards,

Mark Anscombe
Senior Manager Donor Acquisition, WWF-Australia
t: 02 8228 6820 m: 04 2368 4932 e: manscombe@wwf.org.au | w: wwf.org.au