Make an Impact to your business with Expert Consultancy.  

We understand that everyone’s business is in a different place. And we know the world of work and travel is changing… 

EnPerSo Consultancy works alongside our customers to shape their future; to make a positive impact to their profit and productivity, the engagement of their people and their market appeal. Through personalised consultancy our highly experienced experts provide business insights, innovative strategic solutions and an implementation program designed to deliver results and compliance across travel, environmental sustainability, employee wellness and social responsibility.      

At EnPerSo we have put a new spin on consultancy, putting customer needs first and throwing away the rule book for corporate account management. We dedicate time to every customer each month where their Company Consultant personally gets to understand their business challenges. Through detailed analysis and stakeholder workshops we facilitate program enhancement and employee uptake with measures and outcomes spanning from traveller health and safety to social and environmental governance.  

In addition, we have a number of modules where customers can utilise the expertise of our consultants to deep dive into areas of opportunity for business transformation. From cost control to duty of care, social procurement, CSR integration and complianceour EnPerSo Consultants have the expertise and partner network to accelerate performance, while creating purpose and results.   

Traveller Safety &


We work with you to develop and practice a duty of care program with a personalised focus on the ongoing wellness and safety of your travellers, pre, during and post trip. 

Strategic Cost


We fine tune your travel program, prioritising outcomes vs cost. Our aim is to minimise budgets whilst boosting performance, whether your goal is to be travelling more or less.

Project management



We deliver impartial insights into the mind of your travelling workforce, pinpointing areas of opportunity. Whether changing how you travel or creating a policy with purpose, we provide the knowledge and strategies to implement into your business. 

Business Legislation 


We assist you to ensure compliance with Australian business legislation in regards to ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) policies and reporting where they integrate with business travel.  

Connection with expert partners



We will help you boost your company worth through a focus on social procurement and supply chain. We provide knowledge, support and structure in alignment with your company values and your CSR policies and initiatives. 

Consultancy bank delivered by experts

EnPerSo Consultancy


We give you the choice to select specific modules to further enhance your travel or CSR program. Based on your goals, challenges and budget we allocate the perfect expert from our team or partner network to advise and project manage your next opportunity.