Travel Policy that has an impact:

Do you have a great travel policy, but don’t know how to incorporate your CSR into it? Or do you not have a travel policy at all, but really love the thought of having a policy that focuses on your environmental impact, the personal wellness of your travellers and your social responsibility in the areas that you travel to?

As known, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the integration of social and environmental issues into your business operations by means of processes and/or policies and your program may include ethical business standards, philanthropy programs, and initiatives that help eliminate negative impacts on the communities and environments where you work and travel.

Aviation alone accounts for 2% of global human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, yet only 1% of travellers are choosing to spend more by offsetting. Perhaps this is due to companies and/or travellers not knowing where their dollars are going, and what it’s actually contributing to. But, did you know that you are able to choose where your money is invested in environmental projects, and by supporting these projects you are able to reduce the carbon dioxide in the air by the same amount, thus becoming carbon neutral.

It’s about finding the right partners/travel providers – whether that’s the airline, hotel, transfer company or event space… perhaps this is choosing a green supply chain or perhaps it is finding a supply chain that aligns with other values in your business. Either way, their positive impact on environment and communities will only enhance your own contributions.

Aside from contribution to local communities, conservation and other initiatives having positive effects on business, in ways of reputation, building networks, and supporting longer term economic growth and regeneration – which will be increasingly more important in every nation, once the world is back to the ‘new-norm’ following COVID-19; it has been reported that working within an organisation with strong CSR principles enhances employee motivation and commitment – especially within the ‘new generation’ traveller community.

It is to be considered that the success of a travel policy that includes CSR issues, will be in the hands of your people. Ongoing communication will be key in making sure your policy connects with them.

That said, CSR should consider and include issues of employee wellbeing, and not just focus on environmental and social issues. And, while many modern travel policies contain elements of duty of care such as travel alerts, location and communication with travellers etc – how many policies incorporate elements for traveller mental and physical wellbeing outside of safety?

Recent research has shown that 23% of business travellers report high scores for anxiety or depression and 17% are presently or nearly burned out from travel. The main causes are too many nights away from home, the general stress of travel and travel’s negative impact on their health and their families. So, the question is, what can we do about this, and how can we address these issues within our travel policies?

There’s a lot to consider – and the team at EnPerSo Business Travel can help you develop a policy that matters! It’s a travel policy with a difference.

Together, we will ensure that your policy covers everything from perfect ‘travel partners’, to measurements of success, and we will support you all the way through your change management! The time is now.

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