Alex is a seasoned business traveller and a holistic transformation coach. As the founder of ASJ Consulting, Alex works with ambitious women globally to create leadership confidence and lifestyle fulfilment. Alex is also an EnPerSo customer and one of our wellness partners. As a regular user on our Community platform and online booking system she shared the following feedback:

‘Communities’ felt so easy to navigate, with a clean design that made me feel calm with a generally positive feeling while using it. I loved the conversations and I genuinely felt the sense of community with other users; who would have thought an online travel booking experience could feel that way? 

 Booking felt so seamless and simple, and I am NOT a fan of self-booking travel, but totally would, and will on this tool! 

 I also really appreciated and enjoyed the resources shared around the topics I was interested in. Which led me to realise how valuable this is for someone like me. You have curated high-quality content which saves me from swimming in a sea of high-volume yet medium quality info. It is especially useful having all topics relevant to me in one place when I am thinking about or considering travel. It’s like highlighting all my diet/exercise info when I’m booking my gym classes for the week, versus in my inbox while I’m focused on work.  

 Long story short – it’s great and I love it. 🙂 

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