Reducing the environmental impact of business travel

The impact of travel on the environment is significant. Each company has its own priorities and policies toward environmental sustainability. We work to understand these and then create a personalised program aimed at reducing your company’s impact.

Our commitments to responsible travel:


Carbon reduction and offsetting

Our live emissions reporting at a company and traveller level highlights a businesses footprint – every company can choose a personalised project to offset and where they can reduce emissions.

Green travel preferences

We provide insights to where travel providers are leading the way with their own environmental initiatives. We can then preference chosen airlines, cars and hotels via our technology and integrate into customer CSR programs.  

Plastic & waste reduction

Our travel programs & policies include travel industry partners leading the way in this area. Our community platform provides industry insights & practical solutions on how to reduce plastics & waste.

Wildlife & habitat protection

Connecting companies and travellers with our partner organisations to participate in wildlife and habitat regeneration projects through: workplace giving, CSR policies & volunteer programs.

The ‘EnPerSo-Way’: Environmental Sustainability