Maintaining Health and Well Being during the COVID pandemic 


In this unprecedented time of our lives with many of our usual day to day customs heavily affected by the current global situation it is fair to say that daily norm that we are used to has been thrown out the window. Many are viewing the current climate as “doom and gloom” and overloading on news and anti social behaviours. This time should be seen as a golden opportunity to work on yourself (and your future self!!!) – both physically and mentally.  

Whilst opportunities have been limited and restricted opening the door for sedentary behavior, casts of thousands are still hitting the pavements on a daily basis by going for a run, heading out on a bike ride, taking the family for a walk, yoga, meditationetc. Not only is it important for many active people to continue on this path, it is increasingly more important for those who haven’t got this as part of their “usual” day to take this opportunity to get outside and escape the four walls to clear the mind and improve physical fitness and overall well-being. There really is no better opportunity than now to generate these good habits and ingrain them into your daily routine and maintaining them long term. 

With all places of health and fitness having their doors closed indefinitely, individuals and business’ have had to become more resourceful. One business diversifying their strategy is F45. The health and fitness juggernaut has launched their new At-Home workouts – offering an innovative online platform for all members to still participate in to stay fit healthy and connected no matter where you are in the world. Their mission of changing lives through health and fitness has not waivered. Local studios that have recently had their doors shut have still reported a huge retainment of members, with a large number of new members signing up due to the convenience and flexibility of the service. F45 Caringbah studio manager Katie O’Connor advised the community response to moving online has been well received, “We are averaging up to 70 members per session and it has allowed not just our regular members, but also those who previously haven’t been able to attend or join such as mum’s with babies, the opportunity to join the community.” 

Struggling for ideas of what to do? Aside from eating well, getting enough sleep, and limiting/reducing alcohol – here are a couple of more ideas: 

1 – Increase Health and Fitness

Start by implementing a daily fitness routine. The choices are vast even in this current climate. Walking, running, taking the dog for a walk, yoga, mediation, online fitness classes. If you can’t get out of your home then pop on some music and dance. It is important to keep the body moving. Not only for your physical health but also your mental health.

2 – Learn a new skill

Play musical instrument, learn a language, or even better take a Masterclass from your favourite celebrity. Masterclass offers online tutorials with some of the world’s greatest and most creative humans on the planet. Learn how to cook with Gordon Ramsay, shoot hoops with Steph Currylearn the art of acting and comedy with Steve Martin or even learn how to sing with Christina Aguilera.  

3 – Turn off Netflix/Amazon Prime/Stan

Whilst there is nothing wrong with switching off from your day with a bit of TV, overloading and “binge” watching can be detrimental to your health. Hours in front of the screen decreases motivation and coming out the other end of the current situation will be much more difficult. Grab a book, go for a walk, or even more importantly call a family member or friend and check in with them – they may need you right now more than you know. 

In short, this extended period of social distancing and self-isolation could be the most pivotal opportunity for personal growth in your life. Time is perhaps our most precious asset. Use it wisely to create the most amazing version of you. Who knows, this timeout from society may change your life and destiny forever, as long as you make the most of it. So, get up, get moving and when this whole thing finally disintegrates into the pages of history your future self will be thanking you and giving you a high five that you have come out the other side a fitter, healthier and better individual than before this started. 


By Jono Page – Director of Traveller Consultancy: EnPerSo Business Travel