Supporting local communities at home and abroad

As part of our ‘EnPerSo-Way’ we take an active role in aligning companies with social responsibility programs. These occur to contribute to the local communities we operate in and travel to. People who have been involved in these programs report an elevated sense of purpose and connection as a result of their contributions. Whether you are starting out or looking to enhance a current program our consultants can help to create a meaningful solution.

Our commitments to social responsibility are:

Personalised Social Categories

Our customers can select personalised programs from 23 social categories. These include: disaster relief, animal welfare, homelessness, youth services and arts & culture. Programs help our customers in creating purpose driven workplaces.


Our expert consultants and community platforms can connect our customers to local volunteering programs should they wish to contribute while travelling for business.

Workplace giving

We have proudly partnered with many non-for-profits organisations. This provides a platform for our customers to create their own programs and support causes they are passionate about. Our partners can generously support you in the design, launch and management of: fundraising campaigns, workplace giving and donation plans. Customers can also ‘Round Up’ the cost of their business trips, donating the difference to a charity of their choice.

The ‘EnPerSo-Way’: Social Responsibility