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Welcome to our SolarBuddy – Solar Light Donation Page

We are extremely proud to partner with such an amazing organisation

SolarBuddy have two ten-year goals that support this vision:

1) To educate six million people globally about extreme energy poverty by 2030.

2) To gift six million solar lights to children living in extreme energy poverty by 2030.

Extreme energy poverty kills more children each year than Malaria and AIDS combined. Approximately 800 million people worldwide live in energy poverty , meaning they have no access to a safe and reliable source of lighting. Not only are they plunged into complete darkness each night, but the use of unsafe, toxic and polluting forms of energy also has devastating short and long-term impacts on the children, their families, and their communities.

Impact of 1 Light
Lives Impacted 5
Education Increase (study hours created over 3 years) 2,100
Health Benefits (emissions offset over the lifespan of a light: carbon tonnes)  155
Economic Benefits (reduction in kerosene expenditure)  80%
 Environmental   (Trees)  2.6

A Solar Light Costs $30

To Donate a Solar Light to a Child