First Australian / New Zealand TMC on Subscription Model

At EnPerSo Business Travel we say, ‘We’re not your usual TMC’. We are the New Generation of business travel and are progressive in all aspects of Travel Management. This flows into our commercial model and how we want a simple, fully transparent subscription service for all our companies and business travellers. There’s been much written and discussed around subscription-based models and we believe it will be transformative and beneficial for our clients and their corporate travel management.

Firstly, it’s not based on the volume of travel booked, instead on the value in our service. In a traditional pay-per-booking or percentage-of-travel-booked management fee arrangement; the more you book the more you pay. We don’t believe this is the best way for companies to be charged for the services of a TMC in 2020 and beyond. Our company and traveller subscription fees are set per month and there is no ‘chord attached’ so a company or traveller can unsubscribe at anytime if they don’t feel like they’re getting value from our service. Then the cost of booking travel is exactly as a business traveller would see anywhere online, with no extra hidden fees for bookings, changes, cancellations etc. The value EnPerSo Business Travel provides goes well beyond simply booking business travel. Albeit our booking, invoicing and reconciliation systems are the newest, easiest and most intuitive in the market, it’s not solely what we hang our hat on. We don’t want to preach about how good our technology is and how quick and intuitive it is with an unbelievable amount of product content, because we see that as a given. It’s the addition of our unique and exclusive EnPerSo Way, built into travel programs and policies, that makes the real difference.

Our business is built from the ground up around Environmental Sustainability, Personal Wellness and Social responsibility and making a positive impact in the world of business travel. This ‘EnPerSo Way’ combined with our ‘EnPerSo Easy’ travel technology provides real long-term value for every customer on a monthly subscription. Moreover, every company and business traveller is connected to our EnPerSo Communities platform. This brings together our entire community of travellers to share tips and tricks, discuss topical subjects and issues, receive updated and personalised news and be part of groups linked to travellers from their own organisation as well as the greater EnPerSo traveller community.

Having a number of subscriptions to add value to your business and personal life in the current day and age is critical to operating effectively and productively in the modern world. For music you want an offering like Spotify; for Movies and TV – Netflix or Disney; for photo editing – Adobe; for a CRM – Salesforce; for File Storage – Dropbox… and for Business Travel Management – EnPerSo Business Travel!


By Dan Heathwood – Co Founder & Managing Director: EnPerSo Business Travel