10 Reasons why we are ‘The New Generation of Business Travel’ and here to make an Impact!

There hasn’t been a new, bold, different, unique Travel Management Company (TMC) launched in Australia / New Zealand for some time. Here’s 10 reasons why we are the New Generation of Business Travel and here to make an Impact!

  1. We’re passionate and proud of our own exclusive EnPerSo Way that fuses together a unique blend of environmental sustainability, personal wellness for travellers and social responsibility in the communities our companies work and travel to.
  2. We have easy to use tech solutions – but we’re not going to talk much about those as we have so much more to offer!
  3. We know how to make the end to end corporate booking process seamless with cost reductions and productivity increases. We know this is a standard expectation of a travel management company and we don’t do standard – we want to be different!
  4. We’re 100% transparent with our flights, hotels, cars and add ons. We provide access to everything you’d see online from traditional travel content to new and developing options. We don’t charge booking fees per trip. We have companies and travellers who subscribe for the overall value we bring.
  5. We are creating our own technology to make the user experience exclusive and unique, giving us the ability to personalise the travel booking experience with the capability for every company and traveller to enact The EnPerSo Way.
  6. We have created communities where travellers can give & receive advice; help each other out; share tips and tricks to make being on the road that much easier.
  7. We’re not reliant on a people heavy workforce to give the best user experience possible.
  8. We have Company and Traveller Consultants that aren’t your ‘usual’ Travel Consultants in that their priority is not only booking travel. Instead it’s adding value to the companies and travellers we look after on a daily and ongoing basis.
  9. We consult and project manage your program and connect you to the wide range of organisations we partner with, empowering EnPerSo companies and travellers to make an impact, big or small in whatever areas they choose; Environment, Personal Wellness or Social Responsibility.
  10. We partner with a wide range of amazing businesses and organisations to connect our companies and travellers. We consult closely with our customers and project manage their programs to ensure they’re able to make an impact, big or small, prioritising areas are the most important to them whether environment, personal wellness or social.


By Dan Heathwood & Jess Richards – Co Founders & Managing Directors: EnPerSo Business Travel