Aligning Your Travel Data to Your Program Goals

As we know, data is the best way to measure an outcome or an opportunity. But if you don’t know what you are measuring, no amount of data will help you.

Over the years I have seen many organisations attempt to measure the success of their travel programs. For the majority this has been taking a retrospective view with a reliance on expense data solely to tell the story. However, there are multiple alternative metrics to pull from to assist in measuring your success, some of which may appear seemingly intangible.

The question is ‘what does a successful travel program look like’? The answer to this lies within actually knowing your program goals. Are these goals based on cost management, both tangible savings and productivity, consolidation, policy compliance, and traveller satisfaction? Or are your goals more aligned to traveller wellbeing, the impact travel has on the environment and local communities? In which case, maybe travel expense data is not the source in which to seek measurement.

Travel data itself is complex and data rich, from understanding yield management to human buying behaviours. Assessing ‘what if’ scenarios can sometimes feel like a guessing game and can be hugely overwhelming. The trick is to capture as much data as you possibly can – from a variety of sources. It’s then to identify your goals when it comes to the impact you are trying to achieve in your travel program and aligning the right data to ensure you are measuring true outcomes of these goals.

The biggest mistake most commonly made is looking at ‘all’ travel data at all times, and getting lost in the opportunity versus the outcome.

So, maybe it is that there is no one collecting the data for your organisation, and you are unsure how and what to record when and then what you do with it? On the other side of the scale, maybe you are stuck in the rut of traditional travel data view, tired of being told ‘what you have saved’ and need support in navigating and aligning your data to what really matters? Either way, EnPerSo are here to help you make sense and good use of your data. We are here to make an impact!


by Sally King