• Environmental Sustainability
  • Personal Wellness
  • Social Responsibility

How does business travel differ with us?

It’s our EnPerSo Way which makes us different. We place sustainable travel, traveller safety and wellbeing and social responsibility at the forefront of our model. Combined with simple, intuitive technology designed for the traveller and personalised management consultancy we are market leaders and truly unique.

As a business we are 100% carbon neutral and donate a percentage from every subscription to support Australian projects which align with our values and positively contribute to both communities and the planet.

Environmental Sustainability

The impact travel has on the environment is significant, but doesn’t need to be. EnPerSo Business Travel empowers customers to make smarter choices in how they travel; to measure, reduce and offset emissions; and comply to environmental legislation.

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Personal Wellness

EnPerSo was built around creating a better experience for the business traveller. With safety and wellness at the centre of both our technology and personalised support programs, we prioritise and track traveller wellbeing pre, during and post each trip. 

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Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility programs allow our customers to create purpose driven workplaces and enhance any existing CSR program. From workplace giving or volunteering to ESG program development our experts create insight and impact plans to boost employee engagement and company worth.  

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